Michele Beresford illustrates her books, as well as the books of others, using water color.  Her lovable characters are typically the focus of each frame, often featured as a close up rather than a landscape.  When possible, she paints from the visual perspective of children.


The Next Generation

Our children are the future.  That goes without saying.  Raising well rounded, independent and healthy children is the challenge.  Michele spent a lot of time reading in her family garden as a child. She learned the value of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Her husband, the inspiration for the Mr. Kiwi series, also spent many happy moments of his childhood in his family garden in New Zealand.  That is why a portion of the proceeds of the sales of the Mr. Kiwi go to the preservation and inspiration of children’s gardens.

Booking and Contact

Michele Beresford is both an author and illustrator.  She has written and painted the Mr. Kiwi book series for children.  You can reach her at beresfordmediaproductions@gmail.com.  She is available for talks about becoming an author, her Mr. Kiwi series and her paint to invent program.

Michele encourages email and feedback.