Counselors often tell parents to read a book to a child that will prepare them for a life event.  I know my mother did back in the 1980’s when she wanted to broach the topic of her returning to work full time.  The story and illustrations helped me and my younger sister to understand how our daily routine would change and what was expected as we faced each day as a family.

“Jordan’s Life Lessons-Moving Day” by Jazmar Allison is founded on the same principle that children benefit from a book that prepares them for a new chapter in life.   Jordan, the main character has to come to terms with leaving the only home she has ever known.  She clings her her dog, Milo for support.

Throughout the story, the childhood fears of many children as they pertain to moving are addressed.  Friends from the neighborhood stop in to say goodbye.  They promise to stay in touch.  Old memories of her room, including painting on her walls and enjoying sleep overs are celebrated with the excitement and expectation of new adventures to have in her new room.

By the time Jordan and Milo arrive at their new house, the main character falls in love with her new room.  Her name is already on the door, a good subtle suggestion for parents as they prepare their own child with a future moving day.

Beautifully illustrated and seamlessly presented, it is a book with both a positive message and a simple layout, helping children to understand that their fears about are normal. It takes the scary out of moving day!


One thought on “Book Review: Jordin’s Life Lessons-Moving Day by Jazmar Allison

  1. Beautiful summary!

    Thank you for reading and writing a review. I truly hope my book inspires parents to read the book with their children and kids to think beyond the emotions of moving and anticipate great things at their new home.


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